I’ve seen many posts and read stories of people who have been completely turned off of going to gyms because of the fear of being judged or actually being judged. Planet Fitness built an entire brand off of this concept. These people who judge others fundamentally misunderstand the concept of fitness and misrepresent the industry. The two things that matter in anything, but especially fitness, are consistency and hard work. These are like “currency” in any gym. If you have those two qualities, you will hit every goal you set for yourself. Why? Because you refuse to quit and you keep showing up. The ones I respect the most in the gym are not those that can lift the most weight, or have the best aesthetics. The ones I respect most are not the ones posing and flexing in the mirror. The ones I have the highest respect for are the “newer” members that are putting in work and going for it. The ones in the corner quietly sweating and working their asses off. These people aren’t looking for attention. They’re working towards a goal they’ve set for themselves. They are pushing through something that may seem easy for an experienced lifter. They put their pride aside and work hard. These are the people I respect more than anyone else. Don’t let others’ opinions impactt your fitness goals and your life. The only thing that really matters is consistently working hard. If you do that, you can accomplish anything.