Recently, I started boxing and I’ve become obsessed with it. I do some focus mitt sessions as well as heavy bag work.  I show up at the gym ready to go and excited for my workout. It’s fun to me and it’s out of the ordinary. A routine breaker from lifting. Already I’ve noticed having better cardio and have drastically improved on my boxing skills in just a little over a month. 

Boxing always looked like something I could do. I always thought I could walk in and be decent day one. Not the case. Boxing is a very humbling experience. I had issues with my stance and with proper technique (as every beginner does). Consistency was key for me and practicing on my heavy bag also helped me get much better and practice my movements and combos. 

Boxing is a great workout due to the constant movement that it requires. Head movement as well as moving around the bag or ring takes quite a toll on you physically. To me, boxing has become this challenge and a sort of puzzle where I look for openings and try to figure things out. It’s as much mental as it is physical. 

The benefits of boxing are fantastic for general fitness, but boxing also makes for a great hobby or new fitness routine. Boxing and MMA conditioning seems to be a quickly emerging trend in the fitness industry, and rightfully so. The workout you get from it will leave you feeling energized and alert afterwards and will provide great cardiovascular benefits as well. If you’re looking for an exciting activity that will challenge you physically and mentally, boxing is the way to go. 

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