As mentioned in my previous post, starting is the hardest part. But if you’ve made the first step, now its time to find a program that’s right for you. There are so many options available and so many places to find plans and information. The Internet is awesome in that way. In this post, I will discuss two of the most Efficient programs for weight loss.

Circuit Training: Circuit training is a great way to get in a quick and challenging workout. Circuit training involves doing multiple exercises in rapid succession with a break at the end of the circuit. This is one round. Usually circuit training is done for 3-4 rounds, depending on the amount of exercises, or enough to fill a 20-30 minute time period.. As stated, no rest is used in between exercises as this allows for the heart rate to elevate and provides a good caloric burn. The great thing about circuit training is that it can be done with minimal or even no equipment. For cardio circuits, jumping jacks, running in place, jumprope and sprints are all great to add to a workout. These exercises get your heart rate going quickly and allows you to have a really engaging and active workout. For strength based circuits, basically any machine, free weight, or body weight move can be incorporated to make for a challenging resistance workout. These circuits can even be a mix of strength and cardio. All in all, there are so many different options available for circuit training which makes them one of the best beginner friendly workouts as well as being challenging for the experienced person.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): I discussed HIIT in one of my previous posts. If you haven’t read that, I would recommend checking it out as it will provide you with some basic information and background on HIIT as a whole. HIIT is great for weight loss. It is based around short bursts of high intensity movements like sprints, kettlebell swings, high knees, battle ropes, etc.  The goal is to use 80-90% of your max effort in a short period of time. Beginners should stick to around 10-15 second bursts followed by around 30-40 seconds of rest. Experienced participants should go about 20-40 seconds on and 20 seconds off. Again, this is all dependent on your level of fitness. If you need a few more seconds than 30-40, take it. That’s perfectly fine. You just don’t want your heart rate to drop too much as this defeats the primary point of the workout. HIIT is usually done for multiple rounds just like circuits. Only in HIIT, you go for more rounds than circuit training. Think 12-15 instead of 3-4. Always pay attention to your heart rate as you don’t want it to get too high or too low. You will be worn out for a few minutes after this workout, but will feel great after you recover. HIIT is a wonderful program for fat loss as it elevates your metabolism as well, allowing for a higher rate throughout the day. It has been scientifically shown to be an optimal way to lose excess weight.

I chose these two methods because they are in my opinion the top ways to drop excess weight. Prolonged cardio is a misconception as many feel it is the best way to lose weight. This is untrue. Both of the above programs will get you much better results if done consistently and correctly. If you already engage or have done an HIIT or circuit program, leave a comment with your favorite moves and exercises. I’d love to hear from you!





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