For the past month, I have been keeping a fitness journal. More of a lifting journal for me really. I track every aspect of my workout as I go. Sets, reps and weight. Sometimes even how the set felt to me on big lifts such as “struggled, but got it”. The difference has been obvious and clearly noticeable. My strength gains have been able to increase 5 pounds per workout on the big lifts on a consistent basis since starting the journal.

Keeping a journal provides such a great timeline of your training. You can look back and see where it all started. When you get discouraged or hit a plateau, you can see how far you’ve really come, which is the most important yet most often overlooked part of training. Sometimes I feel like I should be lifting heavier weight than I am. Sometimes I have bad gym days and get discouraged about my numbers. Looking through my journal instantly fixes that. It allows me to see where I started and the huge steps I’ve taken towards my goal to increase strength. 

Your fitness journal is so much more than just numbers on a paper. Its a showcase of all your hard work and hours used to better yourself physically. It is a witness to all the times you could’ve binge watched a new show on Netflix, but instead chose to challenge yourself physically. The fitness journal isn’t just a journal. Its a testament to your progress and hard work.