I just finished a heavy deadlift session. These are without a doubt my favorite workouts. The deadlift is my favorite lift to do because it seems so simple, but it has so many subtle complexities that make it challenging and new every time I grab the bar. I hit a new personal best today with 315 for 3 reps. You can see my test out number 4 for a brief second, but it wasn’t going to happen without awful form and hitching. In my last deadlift session I was able to get 315 for 2, but they were an ugly, grind-em out two where my low back arched too much for me to be proud of them. Today I went in with the goal to get as many as I could with good form. I got a really clean looking 3 reps. I was pleased with my form today and so excited to have gotten 315 under my belt legitimately now! Its been a long time coming and I’m really proud of my hard work paying off. 315 is only a stepping stone. Next up…405! Video is attached