We are living in a cardio culture. You’ve probably seen this at your local gym. Those people you’ve never seen lift a weight. I’m not painting these people in a negative light because they’re doing what they think is right to get in shape. Except it isn’t the right solution. They’ve been made to believe it is, with all the ads on TV and on social media. Just look at these commercials for gyms that make light of people who lift weights. It doesn’t bother me as a lifter, it bothers me that these type of gyms are pushing people away from a better sense of health and wellbeing by making weightlifters the enemy. Cardio has been pushed to be the be all end all of fitness for the average person, yet the people who use these machines every time they go to the gym get no results. Some will say diet is a big issue and I’m sure it is, but I’d like to see a resurgence. I want to see ads saying how great lifting is and showing the increased benefits one can gain from gaining muscle. Too often muscle is seen as the enemy of weight loss. This is a huge misconception that needs to come to an end. Gaining muscle will actually help your fat loss as it raises your metabolism. Increased protein intake that causes muscle gain also has been scientifically shown to help people lose weight as well.

While the big, compound lifts are great, they aren’t even necessarily what I’m asking to be advertised to the average gym goer. I think any form of resistance or weight training would be a great way to introduce the average person to this type of workout. After a while, the person could then be eased into the big barbell lifts like the squat, press and deadlift.

All in all, I would like to see a total revamp in this side of the fitness world. Lifting can benefit everyone and I wish people knew that. Cardio isn’t the enemy either and any balanced program will include both, but lifting needs to be stressed just as much as running. Get rid of the “meathead” stigma and everyone can live a more fit and healthy lifestyle.