Here is one that’s sure to get some people annoyed and irritated.

Crossfit is branded as a new kind of fitness. The “box” (Crossfit for gym) is a place where crossfitters can go to achieve optimal health and “forge elite fitness”. A typical WOD (Crossfit for workout) could consist of as many Olympic barbell lifts as one can do in a set amount of time,  pull-ups (with awful form and also for time), box jumps for time, muscle-ups for time, sprints for time and handstand push-ups…you guessed it…for time. All of these involve going as fast as possible and not worrying about form because all form does is slow you down, bro!

The main thing about Crossfit that irritates me is just that. Form comes secondary to speed and getting a better time than others. They claim this creates an entirely new level of “athlete”and they’re right. It creates “athletes” on crutches and in wheelchairs. Any time someone is doing Olympic barbell lifts such as the overhead squat, snatch, or clean for AMRAP (Crossfit for as many reps as possible), you’re asking for injury. These lifts require perfect form and how is someone supposed to maintain that while fatigued and tired? They can’t. Why does it take an Olympic lifter years of training these movements? Why do these Olympic lifters only do a few lifts in each competition? Because they know their body’s limits. They are smart enough to know you can’t toss a barbell overhead repeatedly as fast as possible. Well you can, but then you’d be a Crossfitter.

Crossfit doesn’t just not care about form, it teaches bad form. Kipping pull-ups are a prime example of this. Search that and watch the videos. When you’re done, come back and read this and you’ll understand. The entire point of doing pull-ups is to work the upper body specifically the back, shoulders and arms. Crossfit’s Kipping Pull-Up takes all the upper body resistance out of the equation. It takes a movement great for building muscle and turns it into what looks like a fish out of water flopping around on the ground. This is why I can’t stand Crossfit. They take proven strength-building movements and turn them into cardio. Its ignorant and dangerous. Another prime example is a Crossfit deadlift. This movement is a normal, correct deadlift only its abnormal and incorrect. The deadlift is my favorite lift. Every deadlift session is something I look forward to. So when I see Crossfit taking a great compound movement like the deadlift and turning it into a freak show, I don’t hesitate to ridicule. Crossfitters have turned this lift which is built on having a flat back and turned it into what looks like an Air Dancer (Look it up). There is no form involved whatsoever. They make it all about pulling the weight even at the expense of their back. They don’t care. NEW PR, BRO!

Any dumb workout can make you sweat. Crossfit is excellent at this. But where are the results? Training or science based, results-backed workout plans are the way to building muscle. These programs have stood the test of time. Crossfit is simply a test for time.