One obsession of mine as of late is kickboxing. I bought a heavy bag recently and it was like second Christmas to me. I delved in immediately. I was looking up videos for combos, footwork, head movement, anything I could find on boxing. Luckily I had gloves and wraps prior to getting the bag. Kickboxing is now one of my favorite activities to do. Great for stress reduction to as it causes you to focus entirely on your form and movement and clear all distractions. I’ve found its great for my cardio as well. New ways of exercise are always fun for me and this one is definitely fun. If you’re looking for a new and interesting way to get a workout in, check it out! I bought my heavy bag from Title Boxing. I’m not an affiliate of theirs or anything. I just think they have great products. Mine is the Classic Banana Heavy Bag which basically goes down almost to the floor to allow you to throw low kicks. It’s a slimmer and taller bag than a normal bag and it’s great for mixing up different types of strikes. It also absorbs punches well so your hands won’t hurt at all after going a few rounds. All in all a great bag and a great workout to mix things up.